Healthcare IT. eHealth. Health 2.0. Digital Health. The labels may change but our approach remains the same. We seek to invest in companies that are capitalizing on the most disruptive trends in healthcare. We build strong relationships with entrepreneurs as a value added partner. Every day, we work to help nurture and drive our portfolio companies to their ultimate potential.


What We Look for in an Investment

Large Addressable Markets

Transforming and digitizing a $3 trillion U.S. healthcare industry will create many new markets. Incredibly BIG markets. Some of the areas we think present large opportunities for investment and growth include:

  • Consumer Engagement
  • Connected Health
  • Population Health Management
  • Analytics
  • Automation
  • Healthcare IT Infrastructure and Applications

Seasoned, Tenacious Leadership

We love our CEOs. Building a truly great company requires truly great management. We believe the best leaders combine entrepreneurial passion with operating discipline and the high level of competence necessary to be right most of the time. Successful CEOs also require a unique blend of confidence and humility — the willingness to surround themselves with A-level talent, seek advice, decide and then lead.

Innovative, Market-Driven Products

Great products improve processes and outcomes by orders of magnitude when compared to the status quo. We look for products so compelling that they overcome human inertia to change what is for what’s next.

Overwhelming Value Proposition

Technology and product features are important, but we (and your customers) are ultimately sold on your company’s Value Proposition. Value can be calculated, and it needs to be materially greater than cost.

Discernible Differentiation and Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Great companies are strategic companies; unique in ways that go well beyond their products and value proposition. We believe strategy is integral to successful value creation. Accordingly, we dive deep to understand your strategy — how your market position and value chain lead to differentiation, and whether you have a true path toward growing and sustainable competitive advantage.

What We Offer Our Entrepreneurs

Deep Domain Expertise – “Intelligence Equity”

We know healthcare. We know how to build companies. But we also know that every company, product and management team is unique. We use our past experience as a guideline, not a formula. Conquering something new requires original thinking, and the ability to navigate the inevitable pitfalls along the way to success. We relish the opportunity to be an active participant with you in creating and executing on a strategy that wins.


Money is the fuel for your company’s growth and it’s the reason we’ve had the good fortune to meet. As we achieve goals together, we will provide the capital necessary to build a great business. While we welcome and encourage co-investors, we go into every investment expecting to be the primary source of capital throughout the life of our investment. Our management teams deserve to be rewarded for great execution by investors that are prepared to finance them.

Support and Active Engagement

We unabashedly love our portfolio companies and enjoy rolling up our sleeves and working alongside our CEOs. We strive to build a close relationship with our management teams based on mutual competence, respect and personal concern. We are active and engaged board members for every one of our investments, and often asked to serve as Chairman.

Our Network

Our team has been around the healthcare industry for a long time and we have good relationships with many of the significant players. Sharing our network is another way we will help you build great products, recruit talent, acquire important customers, and develop strategic partnerships.